Liquid Receivers

We have vertical and horizontal liquid containers for all kinds of refrigerants, all meet the requirements of the air conditioning and refrigeration facilities. From 30 to 130 bar and a wide range of temperatures and volumes.

Horizontal Receivers

Horizontal Liquid Receivers with Baseplate for Compressor

Vertical Receiver

Receiver Stations

Horizontal and Vertical Liquid Receivers for R410A

CO2 Vertical Receivers

CO2 Vertical Receivers (Transcritical)

Liquid Level Electrical Gauge

The optical level switch has been designed for use in level monitoring applications for the control of low viscosity liquids. It comprises an optical sensor and an output switch. It is realized in two parts to let it possible to replace the electronics without the needing of emptying or depressurizing the plant.
The sensor is suitable as mínimum or máximum alarm.
No need for calibrations on the field.