TECNAC participates in CHILLVENTA 2016 (Germany)
TECNAC participates in CHILLVENTA 2018 (Germany)

TECNAC will participate in VIETFISH 2017 (Vietnam)

VIETFISH is one of the leading seafood shows in the world and greatest in Vietnam. If you are a professional businessman working in seafood industry, you cannot miss this event.
Every year, nearly 200 local and international exhibitors participate in the show, aproximately 30.000 visitors from all over the country and around the world attend at the exhibition. When visiting the show you can see:
Seafood products: frozen seafood products, processed and canned seafood, dried seafood, fish-sauce…and all other aquacultural products.
Machine and equipment: machines and equipment for processing, machines and equipment for packing, equipment for cold storage…..
Chemicals, additives
Packaging, wrapping
Information, information technology…
Services, consulting, design…
Professional organization and administration
All other business lines concerned serving the seafood industry……….